Reminding the economic problems of Eskişehirspor after the Kartal match, he said, “The solution of this business; managers and the president should be responsible for debts during their term ”.

Çaykur Rizespor Club President Hasan Kartal stated that the debts of the clubs should remain with the managers and presidents. “Eskişehirspor is a distinguished club of years. It is also a strong club with its fans but you see what it has become. We also know that the only reason for this to happen is economic. The solution to this job; managers and the president should be responsible for debts during their term. Every manager and club president should be responsible. If such a law passes by the parliament, then we will not see our distinguished clubs like Eskişehir in this way. I hope they will not see it anyway ”.

Expressing that he realized that Rizespor played a superior football in the first 45 minutes of the match but was not on the field in the second half, Kartal said, “Our children were good in the first half, our children were not in the second half. Our teacher even entered the hut. Did they get cold, what happened? The visiting team played well in the second half. They were better in the second half. Our children did not play well ”.

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“We want to win against Trabzonspor”

Expressing that they wanted to win against Trabzonspor, which started the season badly, Kartal added that he wished Trabzonspor to lose the last point and added, “Trabzonspor is our neighboring city, our neighbor team. I think you will get a good football. There will be a good weather, a nice atmosphere, I hope we can watch a good game. I hope there will be no injuries, if we come out with a good staff, I hope we will win. We should not talk about it from the beginning because they cut off the head of a rooster that chirps early. I hope Trabzonspor will be defeated to us, but not to anyone after that ”

Calling the people of Rizespor to support Rizespor, club president Kartal said, “Our teacher Abdullah is a good teacher and the people of Trabzon really take care of their team. Claiming in Rize and claiming in Trabzon are not the same. I am trying very hard, at least the ones who write Rize on the birth certificate should be from Rizespor. I say this every time, but still many people who write Rize on the birth certificate are after another team ”.

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