Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal spoke on the news that Juventus wanted him.

Speaking on the live broadcast he attended, Vidal said that he would be happy if he received a phone call from Andera Pirlo, who was appointed as the head of the team at Juventus. „It’s great that Pirlo is the coach of Juventus’ub. He was an amazing football player and now you can imagine what kind of a coach he would be. He had his own style on the field and will prove himself in coaching too,“ Vidal said in his statement. Regarding the transfer rumors, stating that he won the Italian League championship 4 times with Chilean midfielder Pirlo, he was content with saying „I would be glad if Pirlo calls me“ .

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Arturo Vidal previously also It was stated that Inter’s insistence was expressed and it was claimed that the negotiations continued at the club level after the parties reached an agreement.

Arturo Vidal had put on his Barcelona uniform 43 times last season and contributed with 8 goals and 2 assists.

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