While the loss of life and the increase in the number of cases in the coronavirus epidemic continued, Habertürk host Veyis Ateş gave a death news this time.

Ateş announced on his social media account that his nephew’s wife died from coornavirus at a young age.

Ateş, the photo of his brother-in-law who lost his life, with his family, “Ah ‘be the child. Ah’ be Said. Ah ‘brother. you are.

When you were alive, corona got you from us. You left … How are we going to tell this to your children, we have no courage … ”

Ah ‘be child. Ah’ be Said.Ah ‘brother. You entered our lives as an eld; You became comrades, you became friends … You became a wife to my nephew Şükran and father to his children. / p>
– Veyis Ateş (@veyisates) August 31, 2020

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