Çankırı Governor Abdullah Ayaz stated that the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca was among the top 5 provinces with an increase in the number of daily patients in the last week, counting Çankırı as well, and stated that they were at a point they did not want during the epidemic process.

„In this process, our priority is to avoid all unnecessary actions for the next 15 days.“ Ayaz said:

We want them to stay at home, take a break from their social life, never accept guests, never go out unnecessarily, return home as soon as possible, especially both outside and in crowded places. always mask while interlocutor with others, distance to comply with the rules, we want to pay attention to hygiene.

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„that has accelerated in the last one week,“

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Underlining that the rules should be followed in order to avoid more patients and deaths, Ayaz said, „The increase has been continuing since the Feast of Sacrifice. Unfortunately, this has accelerated in the last week. Our number of cases and deaths are increasing, our hospital accepts more coronavirus patients every day. . “

„We will have additional measures“

Stating that they will take additional measures against the increasing number of cases, Ayaz said:

From today Citizens without ‚HES Code‘ will not be able to enter public institutions and organizations. We are going for a solidification in the ‚HES Code‘ application, more precisely when entering public spaces. Our audits, we constantly, our teams were in the field, we will continue to do so. Regarding weddings, a ban came across 81 provinces. We made an assessment about the upcoming process, we will definitely have new evaluations.

The corona virus has stopped the sets!

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