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The Black Sea representative continues to work to reinforce the midfielder and the stopper. One of the names on the agenda of burgundy-blue people is Yordan Osorio. According to reports in the Portuguese press, Trabzonspor offered to lease the 26-year-old defender to Porto with a purchase option. It was noted that the Portuguese club also approached this proposal.


Yordan Osorio has always been warm to Trabzonspor’s interest in him. The 26-year-old Venezuelan football player awaits Porto’s deal with the Black Sea team. According to the Portuguese press, these talks will soon end positively and Osorio will follow Trabzonspor. Thus, Storm will have made the second reinforcement to the defense after Marlon left.

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Trabzonspor’s new captain has been announced!

Problem with Marcone

Trabzonspor wanted Ivan Marcone from Boca Juniors into the midfield. Negotiations have been continuing between the two clubs for 10 days on the rental formula with the option to buy. However, according to the TYC’s report, the Argentina club changed its mind. They just stated that they could sell it.

Hugo wait

The negotiations with Palmeiras for the stopper Vitor Hugo that the Black Sea team wants to add to its staff continue at full speed. Eddie Newton would love to see Hugo on his team, as the 29-year-old footballer uses his left foot like a racket. Rental negotiations continue.


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