Continuing to prepare for the new season in Afyonkarahisar, Antalyaspor coach Tuna told Anadolu Agency (AA) that their goal is to further increase their success and score averages in the second half last season.

Defending that Antalyaspor has played a good football so far, Tuna expressed that they wanted to make the game “high” by improving the game.

Stating that there are football players in the team who can achieve this, Tuna emphasized that they have transferred Dever Orgill, Serdar Gürler and Gökdeniz Bayrakdar so far and that they will join them from now on.

Explaining that the preparation process continues, Tuna said, “After Afyonkarahisar, we will have an intermediate camp in Antalya. After that, we will play a tournament in Istanbul. We will complete the second camp with that tournament and enter the week of the league.” he said.

Stating that they have important goals, Tuna said:

“Thank you very much to our President. We can realize our transfer policy in the direction we want. Of course, spending limits and budgets are very important. We want to catch this process without exceeding them in any way and there is a great importance we attach to the infrastructure. Our players from the infrastructure also joined the camp. Of course many. We have young and talented players, but we cannot give a chance to all of them in this staff structure. There were players from other clubs participating in the camp, which is among us now, last season, we had the opportunity to evaluate them. We had a nice process. Our success was something that also happened with the lessons learned from the first half. “

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“Always in the top 10 Antalyaspor”

Regarding his goals in the new season after a season with high success, Tuna said, “The fight never ends. Our organization will continue including this season as well. Antalyaspor is the team that always plays the target in the Super League. We want to have Antalyaspor watched, which is able to participate, and the target grows even more when we make this organization stronger in the future. ” used the expressions.

“Next season, many issues may arise about playing with or without an audience.” Tamer Tuna said, “But it is obvious that we do not enjoy the audience without the audience. The enthusiasm and excitement of playing with the audience … It is also nice to hear the beautiful voice of the audience. We know that there are works on this subject. We also heard that there will be a certain amount of audience. The sensations are only. he spoke as.

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