Another study by the University of Milan showed that Kovid-19, also known asSARS-CoV-2”, was in circulation in the country months before February 21, 2020, when the first Kovid-19 case was recorded in the country.

The research team coordinated by Raffaele Gianotti at the University of Milan detected Kovid-19 with an immunohistochemical study and RNA-FISH analysis in a biopsy taken from a 25-year-old female patient for atypical dermatitis in November 2019. It was reported that this patient was the first case with no systemic symptoms, presenting with a skin lesion, and with two extraordinary methods in biopsy, Kovid-19 positivity.

It has been stated that Kovid-19 patients also have a 5 -e 10 percent chance of skin pathologies.

The results of the study in question were published in theBritish Journal of Dermatology”.


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Daha fazla 174 people died in Turkey coronavirus


In another study of the University of Milan published last month in the journalEmerging Infectious Diseases”, it was found that the swab sample taken from a 4-year-old child living near Milan was 100 percent compatible with the early type of the virus that broke out in Wuhan, China.

In another study conducted in Italy, it was announced that traces of Kovid-19 were found in the wastewater samples taken from the sewers of Milan and Turin cities in December 2019.

The Kovid-19 outbreak affected Italy the most in the first wave after China, where it appeared.

79 bin 203 people have lost their lives since February 21, when the epidemic officially started in Italy.

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