At the Mantaşlar Trout Facility, where there were 140 tons of trout, yaklaşık olarak 12-13 tons of fish, which remained without oxygen, perished after the pool water was cut. While the staff of the facility unloaded the fish that were destroyed from the ponds, the teams of the District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry kept a report regarding the fish.


District Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mehmet Raci Selçuk stated that as a result of the notice made by Orhan Mantaş, the owner of the Mantaşlar Trout Facility, the teams arrived at the scene and said, “We determined that approximately 12-13 tons of fish perished in the two pools of our facility with a capacity of 140 tons. We drafted our minutes, and according to the information given to us by the owner of the facility, they declared that the water was cut around 02.00-03.00 at night and fish deaths were due to the water cut. Our work is ongoing ”.


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In the statement made by HEPP officials, “If we consider the change in the amount of water flowing in the stream bed on a monthly basis, December-January months reach the lowest levels. Since March, it increases until June with the melting of snow waters, and after June, it falls again and almost comes to dryness in the stream bed. The water regime was measured in this way in the 10-year water flow measurements of the State Hydraulic Works. Biz, who have been living here for years, have also identified this situation with our observations. 15 days from now, the water in the stream bed will be completely dry, as expected. If there is talk about the fish farm, we think that the problem mentioned in only one of the 20 fish ponds here may be the internal problem of the fish business. We are experiencing decreases in production due to the decrease in water in the stream, and the fish farm could revise its capacity according to the water decrease. We are also in a difficult situation due to the decrease in the water in the stream.

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