The Ministry of Interior made a statement regarding the weekend ban that will start tonight.

The statement from the Ministry of Interior is as follows:

Esteemed citizens, the sixth application of the curfew on weekends will start at 21:00 today and end at 05:00 on Monday morning.

With previously issued Circulars by our Ministry; All necessary measures have been taken to ensure that our citizens do not face any difficulties in accessing basic necessities during the period and days when the curfew is applied.

Bu içerikte;

Market, grocery store, greengrocer, butcher, dried fruit shops and florists will be open until 20.00 bugün, and between 10.00-17.00 on Saturday and Sunday. Again, within the specified period, markets, grocery stores, greengrocers, butchers, dried fruits and florists will be able to deliver their orders by phone or online.

Restaurants / restaurants, patisseries and dessert shops will operate as takeaway + come-and-take until 20:00 bugün, and only take-away service between 20:00 ve 24:00, and these workplaces will be active between 10:00 ve 24:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. will be able to continue their package service activities.

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Bakery and / or bakery licensed workplaces where bread is produced on Saturdays and Sundays, and only the dealers of these workplaces will be open.

Online order companies will also be able to deliver orders between 10.00-24.00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Our citizens will be able to walk to and from the nearest market, grocery store, greengrocer, butcher, dried fruit shop, florist and bakery or bread vendor on the days of curfew (Saturday-Sunday).

As can be seen from these explanations, with the thought that the curfew will begin, there is no need to cause density in bakeries, markets, grocery stores, greengrocers, butchers, dried fruits, restaurants / restaurants, patisseries and dessert shops.

For this reason, we once again urge our citizens to act in their homes / residences before 21:00, when the curfew will begin, and to take the necessary precautions by taking into account the traffic density that may occur, especially in our metropolitan cities. “

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