Speaking to FB TV, the Serbian head coach promised the yellow-dark blue fans to form a team that struggles to win every match on the field.

Stating that he is aware of his expectations, Kokoskov said, “Fenerbahçe is one of the biggest basketball brands in the world. Our biggest task is to do everything we can on the court. We cannot promise to win every match, but we promise to play with everything and this is our biggest duty.” he spoke.

Fenerbahce former Arsenal before the transfer Beko basketball Bogdan Bogdanovic and had met with Nemenj to Bjelica transfer of 48-year-old basketball man, “both with this team all to live in Istanbul and Turkey was very nice words.” used the expressions.

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Expressing that he is very pleased with the team as a coach, Kokoskov said, “I am very pleased to work with both the current players and the newcomers. We have a group of players who are very healthy and also hungry for success, who want to wear the jersey. “They are all hungry to play. We will be respectful to all our opponents. We will also do our best to win the next match.” stated his opinion as.

Speaking about Fenerbahçe Beko’s former head coach Zeljko Obradovic, the Serbian head coach said:

“Obradovic is someone I respect, love, watch. I am both a mentor and a very close friend. We talked about the task of being an assistant coach when he first came to Fenerbahçe, but it was not the right time for me because I had an ongoing contract with Phoenix Suns. You will be the European champion. ‘ I said. He went and did it. “

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