Starting in Antalya and continuing in Afyonkarahisar, Tuna started her words by making an assessment of the preparations carried out at Atilla Vehbi Guest Facilities and said, “The importance of our players’ return from where we left last season and their physical and psychological conditions was very important. We had a very productive camp period in Afyonkarahisar. We saw that our players were at a very low level from where we left off, and this has been an advantage for us. We know that we need time to reach the level we want, to complete our game and the development of the players. We want to enter the league well. Last season we left behind a season in which there was no season in terms of the match periods we had and the number of matches played by the players. This year, we will have a calendar as the exact opposite of the same period. We will live 42 match weeks and play 40 league games, the players previously meet ever He said, “a situation that does not work.
Reminding that there were only 5 players who played 20 matches or more last year, Tuna said, “Although many players will be given a chance in terms of distribution of duties this season, there may be problems in terms of stability. This is the most challenging situation for the teams. We predict that none of our players will be able to play 40 games, and we make determinations about our current situation, assuming injuries and suspensions. We are evaluating our preparatory stage for the diagnosis and treatment of this situation, ”he said.

“There will be a heavy match traffic”

Stating that it would be better to evaluate the schedule instead of evaluating the match order of the fixture, Antalyaspor coach Tamer Tuna said, “We will have a congested match traffic. This situation is valid for all teams in the league. Not being prepared, incomplete transfers will bring many variations. Both the game, the player and the young man. Considering the contributions of our players to our team, we can foresee that this season will be very productive “.

“We are patient with the transfer”

“We are aware of our missing regions and there will be new transfers,” said Tamer Tuna, “We are lacking in the number of players in defense. We have included players from our infrastructure as well as our new transfers. It will be a season in which young people will find a chance. We know that the transfer is a work that should be followed every period. We do not rush. “We are patient. Of course, the number of incoming players is below the number of outgoing players, but we do not have a squad shortage. We believe that we will make a good start to the season with our future players and reach the level we want in the first 7-8 weeks of the fixture.”

Explaining his views for the tournament that will start with the Fenerbahçe match that will be played on August 31, Tamer Tuna said, “It will be a good tournament. We will play two friendly matches two weeks before the start of the league, which will enable us to see ourselves and realize our shortcomings. “It will be a very valuable tournament. I think it will be very useful for us in terms of gameplay and motivation.”


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