Çaykur unilaterally terminated his contract with Rizespor last season and signed to Galatasaray at the beginning of this season, and immediately after the Rize team applied to the Dispute Resolution Board, the Arbitration Board announced the decision of the Arbitration Board for Oğulcan Çağlayan, who was banned from 6 official competitions.

Following the objections made, the Arbitration Committee corrected the penalty for banning Oğulcan Çağlayan from 6 official competitions by majority vote, being banned from 3 official competitions.


The statement from the Arbitration Board is as follows:

“The Dispute Resolution Board regarding the dispute between Galatasaray Sportif Sınai ve Tic. Yat. A.Ş. and football player Oğulcan Çağlayan with Rize Spor Futbol Yat. date and E.2020 / 260 (combined E.2020 / 274) – K.2020 / No. 394 was examined objections to the decision. in accordance with the Board’s interim decision dated 02.08.2021 Turkey Football Federation of Professional Footballers Registration Affairs article written answer given to the It was decided (unanimously) that the request of the defendant football player to write a letter to the Professional Football Player Registration Directorate within the scope of the petition dated 09.02.2021, and the review of the file continued;

– Since it is understood that there is no unregulated and procedural aspect in the decision of the Dispute Resolution Board in the original case, the decision must be approved unanimously by the rejection of the application.

– In the merged case, the penalty of banning the defendant from 6 official competitions in accordance with the article 30/3 of PFSTT; By majority vote,

to be corrected as ban from 3 official competitions.

The decision has been made. “

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