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Following the meeting of the Clubs Association Foundation held in Istanbul, Başakşehir Football Club President Göksel Gümüşdağ made a statement to the press members. Sivasspor is also in. You know, the matches are starting. Therefore, UEFA has a spectator decision. Thanks to TFF, it started with lodges here. But in this sense, it’s not just the lodges, when you look at it, the opponent team can get 30 percent of the audience in the match we will play against Leipzig next week, but we cannot get it in the rematch. Next week we’re playing with PSG. Sivas is also in this situation. Therefore, it becomes a disadvantage for us. He especially wants to be fans of these international competitions. These are matches that are as important as national matches. There were spectators in the Russia and Germany match, but unfortunately there are no spectators in the Serbia match. We also sent a request letter to TFF and sent it to Mr. Nihat, and they said he would evaluate it. Mecnun Bey also wrote a letter to the federation. Our request is as follows; Especially in the matches we will play in the European League and the Champions League, we want to use it just as they use 30 percent spectators. At least we have a pilot application. Behind the other matches of the league, of course, distances and groups can be planned and TFF can spread this to the whole league, “he said.


Mehmet Sepil: Super League clubs have no strength left to endure

Speaking about Başakşehir’s situation in the league, Gümüşdağ said, “We couldn’t start the league well, every match is important for us. Unfortunately, the 4th week ended and we are at 1 point. These are very natural and can happen. We trust both the teacher and the team. We will be a team that pushes the championship again. We have extended not only Visca, but also other players. We will share them with the public as soon as possible ”.


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