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For a long time, the pulse was being checked for Vitor Hugo, who was at the top of the list in search for stoppers in Trabzonspor, now the work is official. The burgundy-blues offered Palmeiras a two-year lease and purchase option item for Hugo at 500,000 euros per year. While the answer of the Brazilian club is waiting, the experienced football player insistently wants to come, strengthens the hand of the Black Sea giant. Hugo served in two of the seven matches played in the Brazilian league. The manager of the 1.87-tall star, who stayed on the field for 90 minutes in the last match, continues to negotiate with the club. The Brazilian player, who wants a new breath in his career, is also waiting for the parties to agree.

ENDING IN 2024 Experienced football player, who has a contract with the club until 2024, has previously announced that he wants to come to Fırtına. When the burgundy-blues first showed his interest in Hugo, Palmeiras said they could only sell it. However, when they opened the door for 5 million euros, the rulers of the Black Sea giant immediately took a step back. Hugo, who came into play at this stage, stated that he did not want to stay where he did not play, and his rental formula was born. Hugo is coach Luxemburgo’s fourth choice and is not happy with it.


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