News of Eskişehirspor:
The administration, which rolled up its sleeves to close the FIFA files, which were always a problem for Eskişehirspor, recently closed the files of Bokila and Jesse clubs as well as Odonkor and made a profit of 145 thousand euros from these 3 files. According to the report of İstikbal Newspaper, Akaminko, whose administration now receives 977 thousand euros, is about to make an agreement with Kamal Issah, who is a creditor of 255 thousand euros, and Anel Hadzic, a creditor of 180 thousand euros. It was learned that Hadzic, with whom an agreement was reached with Akaminko and Kamal, was also close to signature.
Unable to lift the transfer ban, management concentrated on shutting down individual files. The administration, which previously closed 3 files, is now negotiating with Akaminko, Kamal Issah and Anel Hadziç. 3 files closed before
Bokila’s club Guangzhou, China, had 30 thousand EURO debt. The file was closed for 23 thousand EURO. It was learned that the problem was solved by paying 32 thousand EURO to Jesse’s old club, which had a debt of 40 thousand EURO. It was stated that the Odonkor file, which was to receive 180 thousand EURO, was closed to 50 thousand EURO. Management made 145 thousand EURO profit from these 3 files. AKAMİNKO DELETED 500 THOUSAND EURO
Akaminko, who previously wore Eskişehirspor jersey, looks like a hump on the back of the club with his receivables. In total, the player owes 977 thousand EURO. It was learned that Akaminko, who was in Eskişehir and was interviewed, canceled 500 thousand Euros from these receivables, paid 200 thousand Euros and the remaining 277 thousand Euros were divided into 5 separate installments with 3-month intervals after 1 year. FROM KAMAL 175 THOUSAND EURO PROFIT
The administration also made an agreement with Kamal Issah, which is one of the troublesome files. It was stated that an agreement was made with the player who received 255 thousand EURO together with the file costs in total, with the player, who is the creditor, for 80 thousand EURO, 50 thousand EURO in installments for the remaining 30 thousand EURO. Eskişehirspor made a profit of 175 thousand EURO from the Kamal file. HADZİÇ IS NEXT
The administration, which negotiated with individual files, is now about to make an agreement with Anel Hadzic, who has 180 thousand EURO from Es-Es. It was stated that as a result of the negotiations with Anel Hadzic, an agreement was reached for 40 thousand EURO and the work was signed. Management will make a profit of 140 thousand Euros from this file.
The management will make an official statement about these files in the coming days.

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