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Before the new season, the news of the injury came together in Trabzonspor. Chairman of the Health Board of the club, Yaşar Kibar Güven, made statements about the injuries of the midfield Trondsen, left back Marlon and right back Pereira. Stating that the knee of Trondsen, who was injured in the training held the previous morning, was returned, Güven said, „As a result of the examination and MRI of our football player, a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee has been detected. Giving information about the injury of Brazilian left back Marlon, one of the NEW transfers, Güven said, „As a result of the examination and MRI radiographs of our player, whose left back muscle was stretched, a second degree injury was detected in his left thigh back muscle (biceps femoris) and his treatment is continuing.“ . Güven stated that Joao Pereira, who was injured in the preparation match played with Çaykur Rizespor, had a first degree strain in the right knee inner ligament and that his treatment was continuing.

Trabzonspor, which will start the new season with Beşiktaş match in the Super League, wants to continue the derby tradition. The burgundy-blues, who recently got good results against the three big teams of Istanbul, did not see a defeat in the 10-game series. Trabzonspor had its last defeat against these teams in the Super League on February 10, 2019 against Galatasaray with a score of 3-1. He then won six wins and four draws in 10 games he played.

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The Black Sea giant continued its preparations for the Beşiktaş derby, which it will play in the field on Sunday, at Mehmet Ali Yılmaz Facilities. During the training under the direction of coach Eddie Newton, burgundy-blues carried out a tactical work. Footballers did rust practice in the first part of the training and tactics in the second part.

Trabzonspor, which will host Beşiktaş in the first week of the Super League on Sunday, has new transfers and injury news from Trondsen and Marlon makes coach Eddie Newton think before the tough match. It was learned that the British coach, who was very depressed due to the injuries, would go through a series of changes in his plans before the difficult derby.

In order to strengthen its claim in the championship race last season, the reinforcements made to Trabzonspor, one of the most effective clubs of the transfer period, did not work. Fırtına, who signed Guilherme, Messias, Ndiaye, Da Costa and Bilal Başacıkoğlu, could not get the expected efficiency from any of these players. While the contract of Messias, Ndiaye and Da Costa was terminated; Guilherme and Bilal’s situation has not yet been clarified.


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