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Rıdvan Dilmen evaluated the fight between Rizespor and Fenerbahçe, which ended 0-0 in the first half, in the 100% Football program on NTV.

Here are the comments of Rıdvan Dilmen …

„Emre Belözoğlu’s team does not play. If you break their way with a minimum of 7 players, it is not said why he went. Zanka was the player who was called ‚Oh we got rid of it‘. Tolga and Deniz did not say who went why. Frey too. Fenerbahçe’s transfers like Sosa, Valencia . Forvetaries continue. Thiam like a straw flame. It’s not an easy match. The floor of Rize is below standards. The ball is bouncing. There’s too much dampness. Your feet are slipping. Your players have a pandemic exam this year. There is a pandemic season and 5 changes. Played for 11 47 minutes. You can get 5 alternative players. Now the chess has begun. There are players taking risks. There is Selim without the tandem of Rizespor’s testimonial, and also the young good defender Talbi. Rizespor is playing a game that is prone to contra. I’d make Baiano wait. More serial than Boldrin. If that position had been scored, it would have been canceled by VAR. I looked at the second shot. The player from Rize commits a foul while heading. The assistant should have warned immediately. the referee may not see it. Altay’s success was Serdar’s fault. Altay has almost elongated. Better than going to VAR and canceling. When Caner is gone when a penalty is gone, who does not play, does not play, Gökhan Akkan does not think, who will throw a penalty when he goes to bed. Caner left footed, goalkeeper Gökhan thought he would throw the goalkeeper on his left. Clever players like Caner should come and throw them in the right corner where they come with their feet. The audience thought it would throw it to the left.


„Stop downloading because of VAR, I do not want to discuss them. My comment on the penalty is not the rule comment, the game rules say penalty. Let me say as a player rule that I do not give such a penalty. Football is going to a dangerous dimension. 13-14 years old. If I have a child, I would say don’t be a defender. The defender has to stand behind with his hands closed. Arda Brothers first saw the chest, it is normal. Suat Arslanboğa called. They will not even give bread to the defenders anymore. Player Rıdvan says it is not a penalty, commentator Rıdvan Dilmen says it is not a penalty. The ball that Luiz Gustavo’s hand came to Samudio was not a penalty. „


“ Now the teachers go to the field breaks. Erol Hodja is on one side, Tomas Hodja is on the other. The game turned in Fenerbahçe’s favor. Fenerbahçe’s only thing to do is not to counterattack. Fenerbahce can start with two substitutions at 46. The sea was not effective. It made it crowded. It may be a different player. Individual effective but with a card. He can get a Sinan or Rodrigues style player. With Gustavo in this structure of Fenerbahçe, he should definitely play the only front libero. It should be applied according to 4-1-4-1. Gustavo and Tolga were more. Thiam has also disappeared. It needs 2 changes to open the game. Rize cannot use Baiano in counter attacks. It should move faster and more forward. „

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