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Fernando Muslera, who has become one of the exemplary names of Turkish football not only with his talents and athletic personality but also with his character, continues to sacrifice for Galatasaray. While making a great contribution, he experiences the troubles of not fully regaining his health. It turned out that Muslera, who was learned to have very serious pain in his bone, where he had an operation especially in cold weather, also suffered unbearable pain in the last Kasımpaşa exam. In fact, despite the warnings of the medical team to “continue”, Nando’s attitude, which turned out to continue to stand by saying “I cannot leave my team alone”, received great appreciation from the technical team. After the training, a special training program is applied to him. It is stated that 34-year-old Muslera, who was able to quickly regain his old form with reflex-enhancing state-of-the-art applications during his absence from the team, has not been physically prevented from being a goalkeeper for many years. (Fanatic)

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