Josep Borrell, High Representative for EU External Relations and Security Policies and Vice-President of the European Commission, published an article on the official website of the EU External Action Service. Borrell stated in the article that the events in the US should be a resurrection call for democracy supporters.

Borrell described the events in Washington DC, the US capital, as shocking, and stated that these developments should be highly regarded for democracies and that these events should be a wake-up call for democracy advocates all over the world.

Using interesting statements regarding the events, Borrell wrote, “The surprising events on Wednesday show how damaged and divided the American society has been after four years of Trump administration.” With this attitude, Borrell’s affinity for the new US administration was in favor of the Biden administration. Comments were made to show this article.

Stating that he calls on those who support democracy to prevent further erosion of democratic values ​​and institutions, Borrell said, “We must immediately resist every violation of the independence of democratic institutions, every provocative and hateful speech of demagogues, every fake news campaign and fake news.” / p>


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Borell said, “If anyone is in doubt, the events in Washington DC also show that disinformation poses a real threat to democracies. If some people believe that an election is fraudulent, they will act accordingly because their leaders have told them this over and over again. We need to fight in the right way and guarantee the right of citizens to get accurate information. ”Borrell stated that disinformation campaigns supported by authoritarian regimes in particular must be fought, and we must be able to better regulate the content of social networks while respecting freedom of expression.
Referring to the fact that it is not possible to make this arrangement according to the rules and procedures determined mainly by private actors, Borrell reminded that in December last year, the European Commission proposed the Digital Services Act to fully solve this problem. During the session held at the Capitol to register the presidency of elected President Joe Biden, supporters of US President Donald Trump occupied the building. 5 people died and 14 police were injured in the violence.

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