Eskişehirspor news
The statements of Murat Diri are as follows; “There is nothing more natural than board members to change coaches when the team fails. However, our troubled players are very bad and there is no alternative. Someone shook Fuat teacher, then Come on Coskun is bad, then Mustafa is bad, now Ilhan! Friends, this team has trouble players. Ok, there are mistakes in teachers, but look at the material at hand. If the transfer is open, which coach will play with these players? Come on, the talent is obvious, but there is no struggle except for a few. ”
There is no other way of doing this
“We passed the development, there are those who are getting worse every day. Come on, you are not ashamed of the glorious jersey you wear and the fan, but the human being is ashamed of the (more or less) undeserved attention he gets from the water he drinks from his food. Nobody expects a championship from you, but you have no right to play that badly. If the transfer is opened, it should not be passed without a transfer, I do not know what to say, at least 15 players should buy and rent a little. There is no other way of doing this. ”
Pity the fans
“Hodja, not the administration or the city! The problem is the inept players, except for a few. There were 25 matches, not 1-5-10. It is really necessary to pass the spread, bread, water or even say hi. Until yesterday, those who cried because there was no water and food in the facilities and found an excuse for their bad games, stay in the most beautiful hotels today and go to the road by plane. There are plenty of facilities, people are embarrassed, they show some effort. There is no need to put up with these players that much. It is a pity for both those who fight for the club and the fans who still have hope. ”

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