German Chancellor Angela Merkel evaluated current Kovid-19 restrictions at her meeting with state prime ministers via video conference.

Merkel, at a press conference with the Prime Minister of the State of Bavaria, Markus Söder and the Prime Minister of the State of Berlin, Michael Müller, stated that the number of daily new cases in Germany and the number of people in intensive care in hospitals started to decrease, and that the harsh measures taken so far have shown their effect. p>
Explaining that he is concerned about the mutated and rapidly spreading types of Kovid-19 seen in England and South Africa, Merkel said, “The mutated virus was also detected in us. However, we do not know what amount it is. Scientists tell us that this is not yet busy in the country. There is still time to take control of the danger. We need to act now. Now is the time to prevent the danger of this mutated virus. ”

Merkel stated that they took measures to further reduce the number of new cases at the meeting and said, “When the number of cases is low, the mutated virus cannot find an opportunity to spread.

Merkel shared the information that the validity period of all measures valid until January 31 was extended until February 14, and stated that it is mandatory to wear FFP2, KN95 / N95 or surgical masks in public transportation vehicles and stores.

Merkel stated that one of the most important items in the meeting was the issue of working from home, and noted that the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will issue a regulation on providing employees with the opportunity to work from home wherever possible, and that this regulation will be limited until March 15 for now.

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Households will be able to get together with at most one person outside in private meetings.

Special protection measures will be taken in elderly nursing homes. Staff who are in contact with the elderly here will wear FFP2 masks. Quick Kovid-19 test will be applied to everyone immediately upon arrival.

Gathering in places of worship will be allowed, provided that surgical masks are worn, the rule of 1.5 meters distance is followed and hymns are not sung. In cases where a meeting is planned with more than 10 people, this will need to be notified to the municipality 2 days in advance.

FFP2, KN95 / N95 or surgical masks will be mandatory in public transport and stores.

Schools and day care centers will be closed until February 14.

“2 test strategy” will be applied for those who enter Germany from risk regions.

All stores will be closed except for workplaces where basic necessities are sold. Workplaces such as gas stations, auto repair shops, pharmacies, opticians, banks will remain open.

Beauty centers, barbers, hairdressers, massage parlors, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, entertainment venues will be completely closed.

Businesses such as bars and restaurants that have been closed will be able to take delivery.

In regions with high number of cases, local governments will be able to take additional measures.

Source: AA

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