Democrats in the US took the first step towards the dismissal of President Donald Trump, whom they saw as responsible for the Congressional crackdown on January 6.

With their bill on the agenda of the House of Representatives, Democrats called on Vice President Mike Pence to dismiss Trump using the “25th additional article of the Constitution”. However, before the vote took place, Pence had already sent a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, declaring that “it will not introduce the 25th additional article of the constitution”, so the vote in the House is more than symbolic.

Democrats who spoke in the discussion section on the bill strongly criticized Trump, while Republican MPs argued that “the only problem of Democrats is to get rid of Trump.”

While 223 yes and 205 no votes were voted for the bill, it was seen that only one Republican MP voted yes in the voting. The bill in question gives Pence 24 hours to submit his response to Trump’s impeachment to Congress.


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Pence, in his letter to Pelosi before the bill was voted, stated that he would not take any steps to dismiss Trump using the 25th additional article of the constitution.

Trump, in his statement yesterday, stated that “the 25th additional article of the constitution poses zero risk to him”, “But it will haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration. Be careful what you wish.”

Additional Article 25 of the US Constitution regulates the process of temporarily taking over the vice president instead of the president if a US president is deemed unable to fulfill his duty.

For the article to be implemented, the absolute majority of cabinet members must support the decision to dismiss Pence’s president. Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi said in a statement the previous day that if Pence does not take steps to dismiss Trump, they will vote on the impeachment clause against Trump on Wednesday. It remains unclear when the dismissal clause, which is expected to be accepted in the House of Representatives, will come to the agenda of the Senate.


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