Eskişehirspor President Mustafa Akgören made flash statements on the live broadcast.
Akgören announced that Eskişehirspor club paid a total of 12 million 731 thousand TL to the club thanks to the plans, projects they made and the support they received from the city within a period of 13 months. Akgören also added that there is a 10 million 500 thousand lira debt that should come to the club but could not come because it was execution. Akgören said that Eskişehirspor club’s debt of 23 million lira was paid in 13 months. In addition, Akgören stated that the management will pay an estimated 35 million lira debt by the end of the season.
Akögren added that Eskişehirspor needs 490 thousand lira every month to meet many expenses such as personnel salary, kitchen expenses and natural gas costs in order to survive. Akgören announced that they will implement many projects within the remaining 23 months in order to meet these expenses. “We are trying to protect Eskişehirspor’s property”
In response to some criticisms directed at them, Akgören said, “We are trying to protect Eskişehirspor’s property, a glass of water. Allah knows the savings we have made. We have no expectations other than moral expectations from Eskişehirspor. ” He said. Fenerium statement from Akgören
Mustafa Akgören said the following regarding the decision to put Eskişehirspor jerseys on sale in Fenerium, which attracted the reaction of the fans:
“Although I know the stance of our fans to Istanbul clubs, I found Eskişehirspor appropriate to be sold in Istanbul. This decision is entirely my decision, the responsibility belongs to me. If the fans did not want this, we could not continue to sell the jersey there with a personal obstinacy. Nevertheless, I claim that our jersey sale there was an event that suits Eskişehirspor identity. ”“ We are not the only club that cut the jersey money from the players ”
Akgören made a statement that Buğra Çağlıyan, who was reflected on the cameras during the Rizespor match, did not want to change his uniform with Samudio from Rizespor. Akgören said, “We are not the only club that charges the jerseys that they bought from the football players to the dressing room and cut them from their receivables. Many teams are doing the same. We need to save money in a sector that has such great troubles. Everything is too much for us. Have you ever heard we cry? Did you hear that we cried because we need diesel money? ” He said. Akgören’s call to former managers
Akgören said, “Eskişehirspor club currently owes 26 million 31 thousand 350 Turkish lira to the tax office of 45 kuruş. 10 million 850 thousand 238 liras and 77 kuruş debt to SGK. This is the current figure. The state offers us a chance to restructure.

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