Society of Prisoners held a press conference in front of the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC) building in the Gaza Strip.

The Islamic Jihad Movement official Ahmed al-Mudellel said in a statement on behalf of the Association, “The rapid spread of the Kovid-19 epidemic in prisons created serious fear and anxiety for the lives of prisoners.” said.


Scandalous vaccination instruction from Israeli minister

Expressing that the health condition of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons is in danger due to the epidemic and that Israel refuses to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners, Mudellel asked the Palestinian administration to “bring the prisoners issue to the international arena.”

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Mudellel urged WHO to “put pressure on Israel to allow medical intervention and vaccines to be used in prisons”.

In the news published in the Haaretz newspaper, it was stated that Israeli Minister of Public Security, Amir Ohana, sent instructions to the relevant institutions not to give Kovid-19 vaccine to Palestinian “security” detainees in Israeli prisons.

It has been announced that Kovid-19 has been detected in 171 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons so far.

According to official Palestinian sources, there are still 4 thousand 400 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, 380 of whom are administrative prisoners.


Raid on Palestinian homes by Jewish settlers

Source: AA

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