The company’s shares, which are traded on the New York stock exchange, fell after Trump’s account was permanently suspended.

Twitter’s share price, which closed at $ 51.48 on Friday, dropped to $ 45.15 on Monday and fell 12 percent.


Twitter suspended account permanently


Social media platform Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account on Friday.

In a written statement from Twitter’s security team, “We have permanently suspended this account due to the risk of provoking more violence after closely examining the recent messages and context of Trump’s account, and especially looking at how these posts reacted.” expression was used.

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Twitter had suspended the account “TeamTrump”, which had 2.4 million followers and was used by Trump’s election campaign team, while closing the account with the username “realDonaldTrump”, where Trump was more active.

Trump made a written statement after this step of Twitter, emphasizing that he predicted that Twitter will suspend his account and said, “We have been in contact with many other sites and we will have a big announcement in the near future. . You won’t be able to silence us. ” gave his message.

Trump, whose account “realDonaldTrump” was suspended, shared the written statement in question on “POTUS”, the official account of the Presidency, but soon after, Twitter deleted Trump’s post.


The world is discussing Twitter’s “freedom of expression” policy!

Source: AA

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