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While Fenerbahçe, which has gone through a radical change in its staff, has been talked about selling Vedat Muriqi to Lazio as well as his transfers, the explosion of another bomb is on the agenda recently. . In the first week of the season, it was learned that the national player, who lost his place in the first 11 to Tolga Cigerci, was looking for a club through his manager.

Top management
according to the newspaper, Turkey; There are many suitors for Ozan Tufan, which European clubs have followed closely for a long time. However, the priority of the 25-year-old midfield is the Premier League. Returning from the threshold of the transfer to England two seasons ago, Ozan wants to reach his goal this time.

The experienced player, who is on the list of Leicester City and Crystal Palace, is aiming to realize his European dream as soon as possible. However, since the contract continues, the last word is under management.

England fictitious

Name first Dorukhan stage The release fee of Ozan Tufan, who is referred to in exchange with Visca, is 20 million Euros. Fenerbahçe management, ready to sit at the table with every club bringing this number, is also looking for an alternative player.

The yellow-dark blue people who split the roads with Mehmet Ekici, sent Zajc on loan, and prepared to dispose of Jailson, without guaranteeing the alternative. Ozan is not thinking of sending Tufan anywhere.

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