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Trabzonspor continues uncertainty about the future of Norwegian player Alexander Sörloth, who stayed in his country without permission from his club and did not return to Trabzon on the specified dates. Burgundy-blues, who have been in talks with Leipzig for a long time for Sörloth, warmly welcome the latest offer, which includes 24 million euro net + 6 million euro bonuses. However, the talks were interrupted when Crystal Palace, the club where the player, who was aware of these offers, was hired said, „This transfer is unlikely to occur without our approval and interests. We also want half of the testimonial fee.“ In reply, he replied, „We do not approve the realization of this transfer without earning a net fee of 15 million euro. However, we can give you the amount to be paid. In addition, the bonuses will belong to our club.“ The Leipzig club who wants to transfer the player; While the fight between Trabzonspor and Crystal Palace was put on hold, it was also learned that the German team’s coach Nagelsmann was in constant contact with Alexander Sörloth.
FOLLOWING THE MOU Alexander Sörloth also said a statement for Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho. Mourinho, for the Norwegian striker, „Sörloth is still Trabzonspor’s player. I will not discuss this, but if the president says that we have met, I will not say that is not true. We need a striker“.
WANT TO GO Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu, about the Norwegian striker “ Sörloth wants to go. But to every player who wants to leave, we will not say ‚ok‘ immediately. We are meeting with Leipzig and Tottenham. Crystal Palace and we are entitled to this transfer. We will act for Trabzonspor’s interest. “ FATHER SÖRLOTH: I AM NOT IN CONTACT The father of the Norwegian forward Sörloth spoke about the transfer of the star player. Father Goran Sörloth, who connected to the Norwegian channel TV2 and made critical statements about the future of his son, said, „I cannot say anything until I see the official documents. Know that I do not play an active role in this process, I am not in contact with my son.“

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