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RB Leipzig Coach Julian Nagelsmann answered Bild’s question about Alexander Sörloth. & Nbsp; Nagelsmann, „Alexander Sörloth is a player that will definitely contribute to us. He scored a lot of goals last season. If he can repeat his statistics in the Bundesliga, that’s great. happens! “ Nagelsmann also stated that the club is having hard times financially, „We are also looking at other candidates other than Sörloth. However, there are no 50 players in our list. This is why Sörloth is a bit more expensive than other candidates under these conditions.“ According to the news in Bild; Leipzig found the 20 million euro transfer fee determined by Trabzonspor too high. It was informed that Leipzig was expecting a lower price while taking Sörloth on the agenda, but this price was far beyond its possibilities. The words of Ağaoğlu regarding the offer of Sörloth from Leipzig are as follows: „Only Uğurcan Çakır and Sörloth received serious offers. The most insistent club for Sörloth is Leipzig. We did not encounter any other offers about our players. These offers were below expectations. We have no intention of saying ‚Yes‘. We have to act with a limited budget due to the transfer limit and UEFA’s FFP. „

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