Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Said Hatibzade, announced his country’s reaction to the issue to the public.

In the statement, it was emphasized that Iran stands by Cuba in the resistance against thesymbol of global arroganceand it was stated that the decision of the USA was strongly condemned.

Noting that the claims that the Havana administration supports terrorism are baseless, Hatibzade emphasized that Cuba is a free and active member of the United Nations (UN).


Cuba flash decision from the USA!

Hatibzade used the following expressions in the statement:

No country, especially the US regime, has the right to intervene in Cuba’s internal affairs or to prohibit contact with another free country.

Hatibzade claimed that the USA supported various terrorist organizations and noted that her country was determined to improve relations with Cuba.

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The US President Donald Trump administration has added Cuba to the list, which his predecessor Barack Obama removed from thelist of countries supporting terrorism” nel 2015 in the process of normalizing relations.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a written statement, “The State Department has described Cuba as a Terrorism Supporting Country, as it supports international terrorism activities by giving terrorists refuge.” espressioni usate.

During the Obama period, the US administration removed Cuba from the list of countries supporting terrorism, and it was the highest quality step taken in the process that was initiated to normalize the relations between the two countries that were interrupted about half a century ago.

Along with Iran, Cuba, North Korea and Syria, it is on the list of countries that support terrorism in the USA from which Sudan was removed in the past weeks.

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