The demonstration of Lake Çıldır within the borders of Kars in the drawing coupon of the National Lottery dated January 9 was met with reaction by the people of Ardahan. Ardahan Mayor Faruk Demir, who came together with the representatives of non-governmental organizations and political parties in the Festival area of ​​Çıldır Lake, told reporters that the depiction of Çıldır Lake as Kars in the National Lottery ticket, which will be drawn on January 9, saddened the people of Ardahan.

Stating that this was a mistake and that they wanted to return from the mistake through the press, Demir said, “It was upset us to write Çıldır Lake and Kars under it on the National Lottery ticket, which will be drawn on January 9. We want this situation to be corrected. It is an erroneous behavior of the Lottery Administration. We consider this as a mistake and we want this incident to be corrected, which upset the people of Ardahan. Çıldır Lake and Çıldır district are also within the Ardahan geography. Some of them are related to the geographical border of Kars, but Çıldır district and Çıldır Lake are under our control. / p>

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President Demir, “We, as Ardahan residents, also like our 81 provinces and we have not distinguished Kars, Iğdır and Ardahan until today. però, the rooted institution that has helped us today in the press release is the National Lottery Administration. The corporate memory of the Milli Piyango should not have made such a mistake. In the National Lottery draw to be drawn on January 9, 2021, our glorious and glorious district of Çıldır and its beautiful lake were shown within the borders of Kars. We, as the people of Ardahan, ask the National Lottery Administration to return from this big mistake and misconception and to make an organization that will compensate them. ”

Çıldır Mayor Kemal Yakup Azizoğlu also stated that they will work to correct the statement in question.

Source: UAV

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