The accident in Istanbul occurred last night on the D-100 highway, Pendik Bridge, in the direction of Ankara. Kurye Coşkun Baysu set out with his motorcycle plate 34 BC 4326 to complete the customer’s order.

Allegedly, a luxury car that was fast behind it crashed into the motorcycle. The courier, who was thrown with his motorcycle and hit the roadside barriers, fell to the ground in blood. The motorcycle dragged and stopped approximately 150 meters from the place where the accident occurred. The driver of the luxury car did not stop after the accident and ran away.


Other motorcycle drivers who saw the accident rushed to the aid of Coşkun Baysu. Upon the notice, health and police teams were sent to the scene. Health teams took the injured courier to Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital after the first intervention and treated. Police teams took measures to prevent other accidents at the point where the accident took place. Work has been initiated to capture the car driver who escaped after hitting the motorcycle courier.

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Sezer Göktepe, one of those who saw the accident and came to help, disse, “We accidentally left work, we were going to our house. We saw that the motorcyclists stopped, and we stopped as a motorcyclist. Because when the motorcyclist crashes, no one else does. Another motorcycle courier, Mehmet Hakanhit-and-run bad. Now you have hit the stop at least five minutes to be friends with a helper, a pity. Now this man on this road at this hour for bread. Hit-and-ran. Hogs today carry the burden of Turkey The courier is this guy, so he’s taking delivery services at this hour, why?


Expressing that the biggest enemy in motorcycle accidents are roadside barriers, courier Yusuf Ersin said, “Our request from our elders is that the couriers are working for this hour, we are already in great difficulty, the accident happens, seventy percent of the dead are already courier. The vast majority of fatal accidents happen from the barriers. We cut like razor blades. In Europe or something, they are soft, I don’t know why they are not done here. When a person hits it with fifty kilo meters per hour, it will take away from the waist. How many more people have to die to soften them. We want a barrier that is biker friendly, “Egli ha detto.

Source: DHA

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