According to the Fars News Agency, Kemalvendi, who attended the ceremony commemorating the nuclear scientists who lost their lives as a result of the assassination, made evaluations on the enrichment of uranium in accordance with the law enacted in the Parliament.

Stating that they started to enrich uranium with at least 20 percent purity within the scope of the law, Kemalvendi noted that they aim to produce 120 kilograms of uranium, 20 percent enriched within one year.

Kemalvendi, “We currently have about 4 tons of raw material stock. Therefore, the request of the Assembly to produce 120 kilograms of uranium in a year is an attainable target for us. . ” disse.

Following the assassination of Iranian scientist Muhsin Fahrizade, the law passed on December 1, 2020 despite the government’s objections, obliged the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency to start enriching uranium by at least 20 percent and to increase its low-level enriched uranium stocks.

5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the nuclear agreement called the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (JOBP) signed between Germany and Iran in 2015, it provides Tehran to continue uranium enrichment activities at a rate of 3.67 percent and this ratio kilograms of uranium stocks pay off. Iran announced that it has suspended all its commitments stemming from the agreement against the US sanctions that withdrew from the nuclear deal.

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The Iranian Atomic Energy Authority announced on January 5 that they enriched uranium with a purity of 20 percent at the nuclear facility in Fordo under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors. The parties to the nuclear deal, France, Germany and Britain, reported that they weredeeply concernedabout Iran’s 20 percent purity uranium enrichment activity.

Tehran’s enrichment of uranium with 20 percent purity is seen as a serious step because Iran was producing this amount of uranium before it signed the nuclear deal. The enrichment of uranium at 20 percent purity is considered to be a hugely important step towards achieving 90 percent fissile uranium that will enable nuclear bombs.

Iran states that its nuclear program is peaceful and if it complies with the obligations of the parties to the nuclear deal, it will fulfill its commitments in the agreement.


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