Eskişehirspor Club President Mustafa Akgören told the meeting with former President Sinan Özeçoğlu for the first time. This meeting was held by the Mayor of Odunpazarı Av. Stating that Kazım Kurt took place in his office and the details have not been shared with the public until today, Akgören said, “We met in the room of our mayor Kazım Kurt. They said ‘We want to pay the debts of this club. We want to save this club. We have allocated a budget of 50 million TL. “50 million TL is a money that we have no chance to find but we struggle to find. But we can’t find it. If you found this money and reserved it, I said good luck, let’s deliver the bridal club to you immediately.
We wanted 3 and a half million TL
“In order to be able to negotiate with FIFA and TFF and negotiate with football players on behalf of the club, we ask our lawyers for a power of attorney from the club. They said would you give it? ” We said we will gladly give. I said, Sinan, the president, let’s give the club with pleasure, but my friends from this club, my management friends and the tradesmen who trust us, have about 3 million 500 thousand TL. I said I would like this from you. ”
I wanted Özeçoğlu to pay
“Sinan president said,‘ I can’t give that money. Everyone has a claim from this club, and you will wait. ”On the same day, such a thing happened that we had to pay 50 thousand Euros to Pinto that day. We were going to pay Kulach the same day. We said, we will give you the club, wait our debts and pay new ones. Then, if we give the club to you, you pay them, let’s understand your seriousness, “I said. Sinan president said, “I have not yet come to power. It is not clear that I will take the management, I will not pay. But pay for Pinto and Kulach, only if I take office I will give you a two-month check for these payments, ”he said.
We are glad to hear that it will happen
Kazım President intervened,” Mustafa said, “Do not insist on what you will buy now, you will wait.I said ok and we gave the power of attorney as they wanted. We just made one correction, the power of attorney was for an unlimited time, 25 days or 1 month. They said that they agreed with many football players with 25 percent, and this would be the job. We were happy and we said to our friends and said we are giving the club. ”
No returning again
One day, Kazim President phoned me. He said that these friends have solved everything, only your players do not give them, he said there was a problem with them. I said brother Kazım, tell my friends if our footballers are talking about Sezgin, Kıvanç and Hürriyet, and the players whom Bora Imadoğlu represented have solved hundreds of files, if the problem is left to these names.

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