Notizie di Eskisehirspor
Eskişehirspor will be the guest of Bursaspor in the 16th week of TFF 1st League. Eskişehirspor wants to win against its arch-rival Bursaspor. The win to be won will both end the longing for 3 points of 27 matches and will make Bursaspor happy to overthrow them.

When is Eskişehirspor match, what time is it?
Eskişehirspor will face Bursapor today (Monday, 28.12.2020) a 19.00 at Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium.

Eskişehirspor match on which channel? No password?
BursasporEskişehirspor match, che inizierà alle 19.00 on Monday, December 28, 2020 (today) will be broadcast live and without password on TRT Spor screens.

Who will manage Eskişehirspor match?
Referee Mert Güzenge will direct the Bursaspor-Eskişehirspor match, which will be played in the 16th week of the TFF 1st League. Kemal Mavi and Ogün Kamacı will be the assistant of Güzenge. Eskişehirspor won the last time
The arch rivals will face each other for the 78th time today. Before this match, Eskişehirspor had 24 wins, while the Green-White team had 28 wins. The two teams could not break the equality in 25 Giochi. Black-Red team won the match played in Bursa last season 1-0 with the goal of Metehan Altunbaş.

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78th appointment
Bursaspor-Eskişehirspor match, which is called the Anatolian derby, will be played at Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium on Monday, December 28th. The fight, which will be played at 19:00, will face the arch rivals for the 78th time. While Eskişehirspor had 24 victories before this match, the Green-White team had 28 wins. The two teams could not break the equality in 25 Giochi. Eskişehirspor, which has not won 27 games in the league, is aiming to end this bad course against Bursaaspor. A victory that will be taken both on the road and in Bursa will be a little happy. Rakip Bursaspor, on the other hand, continues to make a name for itself in Turkish football with its great performance with its young football players this season.

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