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The statements made by Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi and coach Sergen Yalçın about the new contract created tension in the club. Çebi said, “Whenever our teacher desires, we sit down and we extend the contract. There is never a problem in this regard. Our teacher is now fully concentrated on the championship. So it’s not the right time for a contract. Yalçın gave a harsh reply to his words after the Konyaspor match. The very successful coach said, “The contract is not only for me. These jobs will be mutual. If the two sides agree, we’ll continue. The President’s statement that “Our teacher can continue as long as he wants” in every interview bothers me. The contract is not done like this in clubs. ”The management took action to end the contract problem before it turned into a crisis. The championship bonus is 2.5 million TL. After struggling with Gençlerbirliği, the details of the contract determined by the Black and White executives who made a plan to discuss the issue with Sergen Yalçın were also revealed. Besiktas 7 million per year to the winner of a successful teacher, £ 10 million of new contracts to be bid if the championship would be in addition to the salary increase of $ 2.5 million and öğrenildi.3 million if taken in the Turkey Cup bonuses of $ 1 million It was stated that it would be added to the agreement.

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