Actualités Eskisehirspor
Eskişehirspor Club President Mustafa Akgören made special statements in the 90 + 3 Program, where he was a guest on ES TV. Presidential story
“I left the house with my daughter on the day of the congress. I left my daughter in the classroom. Plus tard, Murat Diri called. He said they wanted to see me. I went and talked to them, they said, “Brother, now be president.” Plus tard, as soon as I entered the congress hall, Odunpazarı Mayor Kazım Kurt called me. Stating that he had a list at that time, Rıza Soydaş, myself, Bilge Kosbatur, İbrahim Yaşar Dedelek and Kazım Kurt sat in a room. ” We could not leave the club to foreign hands
When I asked Rıza Soydaş whether his list was ready, he left the room by gesturingNo, it’s my list “. But one week ago, in our meeting with Kazım Kurt, Rıza Soydaş had said that his list was ready. When Rıza Soydaş left the room, Kazım Kurt turned to me and said, “Now, this is your duty, Mustafa has come to you. “Don’t leave the club in other hands.We made our list, the task came, we could not escape. We could not leave the club to foreign hands. If we left this club to those foreign hands that day, it would not fit our Eskisehirsporlik mold. Something like a boy lover. We came to the task to save Eskişehirspor like our children who fell among the crocodiles. ” You cannot climb without hitting the bottom
“We started with the pretense that we were relegated already. The club had 1 point in 12 weeks. At that moment, nobody believed that Eskişehirspor would survive. We are here to keep Eskişehirspor alive. If he is relegated, we have nothing to do with it. We are trying to treat a patient in intensive care. Did we buy a healthy club and turn it into this? People are hitting us on the ground. We cannot climb up without hitting the bottom. We have just seen the bottom. We also want the Super League. But there is a way out. It will be 3 years, it will be 5 years. " The two sides do not meet
“I want to lift this transfer ban more than anyone else. We need 2 and a half million euros to lift this ban. Meanwhile, we are making payments to Pinto, Kulach. We do not have such money. How can we pay 2 million Euros? This club will not have any debt to 70-80 million liras. Which is Turkey’s most communities, clubs with the most supporters always drowning in debt. Because there are tribune prints, community prints. The two sides do not come together. We are also in these clubs, ”he said. Too many sighs
I will do everything to protect the interests of Eskişehirspor. I cannot get the club into debt just because I will look cute for the fans. Many sighs have been taken in the past. We have to be halal with everyone. Or the ball returns from the pole, scored in the last minutes

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