Eskişehirspor Coach İlhan Var made a statement to Emrah Şahin on Forza Eses TV before the Balıkesirspor match, which ended 2-2. Var’s explanations are as follows; “The health of Mehmet Özcan and our other players caught in Covid-19 is fine. They are in quarantine in their own room. Our other players have no health problems. They are a little tired. I am a person who wants Eskişehirspor to be successful wholeheartedly. We work continuously from 08:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening to see what we can do. We are thinking about the smallest details. For 26 Jeux, the team has not been able to win. Whatever our fans say is right. ”

To save Eskişehirspor
The transfer board must be opened in order to save Eskişehirspor. This is a million percent requirement. Transfer board business is management’s job. I know they struggled a lot with FIFA files. They make great efforts. They make payments to these files by finding debt. There is an honorable management group that tries to manage this club with zero income by paying money from their own pockets to survive. The elders of the city should come together for Es-Es. We can bring young talents from our infrastructure to Turkish football and sell them for very good money. Under normal circumstances, nobody takes out these money and gives them out of their pocket. We must go the way Altınordu, Istanbulspor, Keçiörengücü went. ”

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Resignation is a simple job
“I can resign. If there is anything to change, I can quit gladly. Eskişehirspor management gave me this task. If they say thank you, I would say thank you. I am always ready to help Eskişehirspor. Even if I’m not a coach, I can help. There is a lot that the fans do not know. It’s easy to write and draw on social media. Let them learn the facts first, then judge people. When I took office, the team had not been able to win for 17 games and went up to 26. There was no account book in the first 17 weeks. If they’re billing me, thank you. We know we upset our fans and we are trying to do everything we can to make it better. ”

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