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Anadolu Efes Başantrenörü Ergin Ataman, Turkey Basketball Federation (TBF) President Hedo Turkoglu to criticism about him, “Hidayat got a brother I love you. Especially young takımdayk that, playing the first date of the Final Four in 2000, my ex-students that team oyuncusuyum that. I related to him I do not want to speak. The public will make the necessary evaluation with the necessary appreciation. “& nbsp; Anadolu Efes’ head coach Ergin Ataman, who competed in the Gloria Sports Arena in the Belek Tourism Center in Antalya’s Serik district, told Demirören News Agency ( DHA) made statements. Explaining that they participated in the tournament in Antalya after two weeks of working in Istanbul, Ataman said, “We have a 3-week camp, two tournaments. We have also started preparatory games. We are keeping the same team last year. In this respect, we are trying to find rhythm again in the preparation period. There was a job we left unfinished last year. . this year towards the championship the same goals, especially as based on EuroLeague we want to relive the happiness to Turkey, “he said.” OPINION NEEDED ASSESSMENT wILL “TBF President Hedo Turkoglu Ataman responding to criticism about himself, said:” Hedo my I am a brother I love. Especially when I was in the youth team, playing the first historical Final Four in 2000, when I was a player of that team, my former student. I do not want to talk about him. The public will make the necessary evaluation. HİDAYET TÜRKOĞLU WHAT SAYING? TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu, last Tuesday Istanbul Press conference held at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman made the following criticism: “Sometimes we want to say that we watch with admiration and are surprised. While this friend was criticizing us the other day, we noticed that he praised him involuntarily. The Europa League, which could not finish praising but feared criticism … Because it will be fined. The employee of this valuable club who only criticizes Turkish basketball made a statement the other day. He said that after the decision we took, it set a precedent for the THY Europa League. In fact, he said what a powerful federation we are. The Europa League made the same decision as us 10 days later, but this employee did not comment on them. I’d like to tell that friend from here. Do not be afraid of money, as he represents us as the only Turkish coach in the Europa League. Turkey Basketball Federation will take any punishment is going to pay. “& Nbsp;

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