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Fenerbahçe, who signed flash transfers before the new season, added the names with the best statistics in their positions. The midfielders of the Super League with the most key passes, with the left backs scoring and assisting the most, will wear the 2020-21 Cubuklu. Here are those names and their statistics:

MERT HAKAN AND SOSA: The league’s most key pass midfielders (84/78)

NOVAK: League’s left back with the most goals (7)

CANER ERKIN: Left back of the league with many assists (11)

GÖKHAN GÖNÜL: The right back of the league with the most balls (59)

The new transfers of the yellow-blue people stand out with their contribution to the score of the last season. F. Garden’s newcomers contributed 93 goals in 2019-20 with 56 goals and 37 assists. Here is that list:

M. Hakan Yandaş: 10 goals, 5 assists

Jose Sosa: 11 goals, 11 assists

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Filip Novak: 10 goals, 1 assist

Gökhan Gönül: 4 goals, 3 assists

Caner Erkin: 4 goals, 11 assists

Mame Thiam: 12 goals, 5 assists

Sinan Gümüş: 5 goals, 1 assist

Aziz Yıldırım, the legendary head of the yellow-dark blue people, was in Topuk Plateau yesterday. The former president of Fenerbahçe, who stopped by the Topuk Plateau in Düzce on his return to Istanbul as soon as he made his Ankara trip, said, „I am once again proud of bringing such a facility to the club“.

Sauce landed on the field
Jose Sosa, who completed the isolation period at home after his wife’s coronavirus test was positive, landed on the field. Fenerbahçe’s Argentine star started training after his last tests were negative. The star player, who performs individual training separately from the team, will train within the framework of a special program prepared for him until he is over his lack of training. The 35-year-old football player is expected to start working with the team next week.

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