The plastic of some greenhouses collapsed and floods occurred due to the heavy rain and hail in the Kumluca district, Antalya’s greenhouse production base. Due to rain and hail, which were effective in Mavikent District Incekum, some of the greenhouses collapsed due to the plastic covers that could not bear the hail weight. Flood waters formed due to heavy rain filled into the collapsed greenhouses and filled the greenhouses. It was learned that about 150-200 acres of greenhouse was full and affected by the flood.

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A female farmer named Perihan Akıncı, whose greenhouse’s nylon coating was torn due to hail and whose eggplant-planted undercover production area was damaged, kept herself hard not to cry while telling about her experiences. The woman, who said that they were dealing with a laborious and very difficult job and that they worked summer and winter to feed the people vegetables, reacted to those who said the price of eggplant was expensive. Akıncı, showing the hails entering the greenhouse due to the collapsing of the torn nylon coating because it cannot bear the weight, sagte, „The greenhouse is full, what are we going to do? Eggplant is said to be expensive, let them see the state of the farmer, then we will not talk like this. We are trying to feed vegetables, let them take a look at our state. After they see our state, let them say eggplant is cheap „.

Source: UAV

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