The General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry banned anchovy hunting in the Black Sea for 10 days, as the rate of catching anchovy below the legal catch length increased.

With the introduction of the hunting ban, the price of anchovy on the stalls has also increased. Anchovies, which had a weight of 20 liras before the ban in the Çanakkale Fish Market, were sold for 40 lira today.

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Çanakkale Fish Carpet tradesman Hasan Doğuş Tunç said, „They stopped hunting anchovy for 10 days in order to prevent the catch of small anchovies on the Black Sea coastline. The price of anchovy has risen to 40-45 liras. It varies according to the quality of anchovies. The weight of a good quality anchovy is around 40 liras, „er sagte.

Source: DHA

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