The Ministry of National Education announced on Monday, January 11, that a flag ceremony will be held in all schools and that the Independence Day will be read

DescriptionEach and every Friday evening to Monday morning, Turkey’s lush voice rising around the school yard of our national anthem is a time because of the outbreak conditions can not read side by side.

During the distance education process, we start the TRT EBA Television broadcasts with our Turkish National Anthem every Monday. Our children and teachers sing our national anthem on the screen before our live lessons.

As the Ministry of National Education, we wanted to share the enthusiasm of our children as we start the new week, let’s meet together while singing our Turkish National Anthem from 7 to 77.

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On Monday, January 11 beim 10:00, a flag ceremony will be held in the gardens of all our schools and our Turkish National Anthem will be read.

Our National Anthem will be broadcast simultaneously on TRT EBA Primary, Secondary and High School channels at 10:00.

All of Turkey to the Minister of Education calling Ziya Selcuk, provincial administrators from all schools, administrators at 10.00 hours and already making a flag ceremony with the participation of the personnel; He asked students, teachers and families to invite them to accompany the Turkish National Anthem from where they are.

On Monday, January 11, beim 10:00, the Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, will attend the flag ceremony at the Ministry building with his colleagues.

Source: News Global

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