Eskisehirspor Nachrichten : As it is getting harder for Eskişehirspor to stay in the league, 20 million is needed to lift the transfer ban. It is not known how the club, which has no financial income, will overcome this problem The period begins on January 5
While the community waited curiously whether the ban on transfer will be lifted, President Mustafa Akgören once again explained the facts. Stating that there are 8 transfer ban files from FIFA, the administration has made a great effort to resolve these problems. The 2020-2021 season 2nd Transfer and Registration Period will start on January 5, 2021 and end on February 1, 2021. We cannot promise
Chairman Mustafa Akgören spoke pessimistically about this issue. Akgören said, “Of course we will do our best to open the transfer. Transfer cannot be opened until these are paid. Nobody sorry. More than us cannot ask for the transfer to be opened. We made contact with these friends. We will try to find the middle way. We do not promise anyone. This is our intention, but I do not give hope to anyone. We will deal with it to the end. Transfer ban files
While Akgören gave information about the banned files, „Kamal İssah costs 200 thousand Euros, Bienvenu 160 thousand Euros, Boffin 450 thousand Euros, 80 thousand Euros for Odonkor who did not step into the facilities, 30 thousand Euros for Bokila to train Chinese Club Guangzhou, Akaminko 1 Million Euro, Tanase 410 Thousand Euro which was not on the field, and Jesse Nepredak must be paid. A total of 2 million 360 thousand Euros for 8 files. We have to pay for them. 2 million 360 thousand Euros only 8 banned files. There are 15-20 more files in FIFA. This number can increase at any time. “Today, new files will come tomorrow”.

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