Eskişehirspor Vice President Fatih Baturaygil found striking statements in the 90 + 3 program broadcast on ES TV. Bayuraygil said:
“We are working to open the transfer board. Eskişehirspor’s FIFA and UEFA debts are 6.5 million Euros. If it was cash, it would close to 2.5 million Euros. If only there were offers of 1 million Euros as told to Bilal and Buğra. These numbers are huge. 250 thousand Euros in cash was received from the transfer of Metehan. 250 thousand were agreed for their bonuses. He played 8 Streichhölzer, scored 1 goal. We need to sell football players to stay standing. The biggest obstacle to Eskişehirspor is the FIFA and UEFA files. Score deletions and clustering come from these files. If you add up all the incredible earning payouts of the locals, you get a maximum of -3 Punkte. ” They had 15 million receivables
“If we solve the FIFA and UEFA files, the club will not close. If this city finds 2.5 million Euros, the way for the club will open. We are currently being criticized. On the day of the congress, I came with sweatpants, I saw myself in the management. The reason for this is that lists were made from the prison. That’s why we bought the club. Our aim is to keep the club alive. We said we will neither make champions nor have 20-30 million money. While we were sending Sissoko, the Milinkoviches, we parted our ways with 9 players. These players also had 15 million receivables. Besides, we would pay 200 thousand Euros every month. That’s why we parted our ways. We paid everyone at the beginning of the season. We paid a lot of money. There were occasional payments after the beginning of the season. jedoch, we have not paid salary for 4 months. ” We resign immediately
“We will see if we can continue. If someone will give these money, we will resign immediately. If we do not open the transfer, 90 percent of us will resign. We have no more resistance. Everything is forgotten. People are now saying they will relegate the team. This club has a monthly expense of 500 thousand TL. Except for the player incredible earnings payouts. We pay these money by making sacrifices. There is a monthly meal expense of 150 thousand lira. There is a club that does not have a lira income. We started to manage the club like a club. We need at least 20 million lira to open the transfer. People also give some support. ” FIFA is struggling
Finally, Eskişehirspor Vice President Fatih Baturaygil said, “We have a friend in FIFA. He became our friend through Murat Daldık. A Turkish. He gives us great support. It provides support, but we need to find money. It takes care of the other stages. „If we pay 6-7 files, including Boffin, and get signatures from local names, there is no obstacle to opening the transfer.

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