The incident took place at around 18:00 on Friday, January 1, in a 3-storey apartment in the Fatih District of Simav, Kütahya. Plastic chopping master Harun Coşkun (28), father of one child, came to his house on the top floor with his wife and realized that his key was not with him.

Coşkun put the shopping bags in front of the door and climbed onto the roof of the apartment. Coşkun, who was hanging a rope from the roof, tried to enter by using the balcony window of his house. Coşkun was seriously injured by falling from a height of about 10 meters when the rope that did not lift the weight broke.

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Upon the notice of the people around, the health and police teams were dispatched to the scene. Coşkun, who was given the first intervention by the health officials, was taken to the Uşak University Medical Faculty Training and Research Hospital. Coşkun, who was taken to treatment, died yesterday evening despite the doctorsefforts.

Coşkun’s family, who received the bitter news, burst into tears. Coşkun’s funeral was buried in tears in the village cemetery after the prayer performed at the Kuplüce Mosque in Simav’s Kuplüce Village today.

Source: DHA

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