President Erdogan shared a message about saving water from his Telegram account.

Stating that he wanted the first message he made from his Telegram account to be related to the water issue, Erdogan said, “As you know, the rains have been unfortunately weak in the last weeks. We need to take precautions against a drought threat seen almost every 100 years. In the past 18 years, we have increased our water capacity to the highest level in almost every region by constructing 600 dams, 590 hydroelectric power plants, 262 drinking water facilities and many other works. We will continue our work in this area without interruption. jedoch, the main way to make the best use of available resources is through savings and conscious consumption. In this sense, the state and the nation are hand in hand, hopefully we will overcome this difficult period and continue our struggle for stronger tomorrows, with the hope of increasing rainfall.

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President Erdoğan: We will win again in 2023

Source: UAV

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