A session was held in the House of Representatives in the country to discuss the government’s vaccination policy, which was criticized by the coalition parties as well as the opposition.

Rutte made statements at the session against the criticism of the government’s vaccination policy.

Saying that the government was planning over the wrong vaccine company in its vaccination strategy, Rutte said, „We thought and trusted that another vaccine would be available sooner at the end of November. The Netherlands was not prepared for it when it turned out that the Pfizer vaccine was ready earlier.he spoke.

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Rutte stated that it would be better to start the vaccination earlier than the planned date, when he saw the images of the vaccination from other countries, he said that like many people hebit his lipsand saidI feel really bad because we are two weeks behind from other countries.“ verwendete Ausdrücke.

In the Netherlands, the first vaccination will begin two days before the previously scheduled 8 January.

The vaccine will first be administered to hospital workers in some cities on January 6.

Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said yesterday that the Netherlands might actually start vaccination earlier, but the focus was on the wrong vaccine, „If it was done wrong, we admit it.used the expression.

Source: AA

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