Eskisehirspor Nachrichten
Experiencing economic difficulties in Eskişehirspor started to cause the wind of separation to blow. This season, the first warning came from TFF to the management, who could not pay the receivables such as salary, transfer installment and game start. At the beginning of the season, defender Erdal Akdarı, who renewed his contract on the last day of the transfer, warned the club from the TFF with his request to be released because his receivables were not paid. Leaving will be
Explaining that the defender had warned the club in the 90 + 3 program on ES TV the previous day, President Mustafa Akgören stated that they will do their best to make the necessary perfect earnings payments and prevent the player from being released. On the other hand, President Akgören stated that they will tell some players to find a club during the half-time and gave the message that some separations may be experienced.

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