President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the National Defense University Military Schools Diploma Acquisition and Banner Handover Ceremony. Highlights from Erdogan’s statements:

Threats have been added to our fight against terrorism, to our rights and interests in the region, especially the Mediterranean and Aegean. If we do, we will feel so safe.

As some historians say ‘we are not a society with an army but a nation that is itself an army’. It is a futile effort that some unaware and traitors who are not aware of this truth try to separate our army from our nation.

When we combine our technological superiority with our trained human resources and spiritual power, there is no power that can stand in front of this country.

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Politics. p> Tens of thousands of kilometers away from Turkey’s democracy, rule of the law, citizens of covet country to regional interests, is aware of the damage they cause them to go in this process?

Eli overtakes a breath of air to this nation, a sip of water, a We are aware that we are under siege who will not bite bread.

the land, sea and air everyone will confront Turkey’s legitimacy, ulu slarara area has seen its determination to protect the rights of the law.

Before our son after our 2023 targets will be implemented in 2053 and Turkey in 2071 will leave a legacy. The arrow is out of the bow and will surely find its target.

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