Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler said his decision to sign a contract with Miami was “the best decision he ever made”.

Butler said in a recent Q&A interview with Shaun Powell of NBA.com:

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“The best decision I made. I belong here. There was an actor playing here, Dwyane Wade, he has a great career here. He always told me about the culture and the way he works here and he said he appealed to me in every way. I never thought I’d leave Chicago. Then I realized that this was a job and I left for two more places. It didn’t happen in Philly. But when I got here I always smiled, because of the way people talk to each other, the way everything is put forward. We come and work and then we have fun. This is why I play the game. These guys are like me in many ways, I absolutely love being here, competing with these guys and for these guys. I have a lot of fun. ”

Butler joined Heat in the summer of 2019. .


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